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        1. Tel:020-6269 1393


          Inspection process

          020-6269 1393


          Philosophy: The pursuit of excellence, never satisfied!
          Vision: To shape the international inspection and certification of well-known brands, to provide a fair, fast, reliable and consistent localization service to the global customers.
          Staff cultural concept: Pleasant work, happy life, the most beautiful smile to show to the customer!
          External image of the company: Professional, impartial, efficient, fast, excellent, good faith!
          The overall goal: To establish first-class institutions, to ensure first-class quality, first-class service.
          The implementation principle: Two for two, that is not the largest number, but the credibility of the best; not for instant success, but fair and scientific.
          Our insistence: Adhere to the customer oriented service attitude; adhere to a fair and impartial testing attitude; adhere to the integrity of the independent certification attitude.